Working Women Health Tips

Have you been working lately? Do you love your work? Do you find it hard to balance your work and family? Do you need a break?

Research has proved that working women have extra nutritional needs. Women who have full-time jobs and have a family are always under pressure of staying ahead of the game in a competitive work environment and trying to balance home and office and do well at both.

Does your husband lend you a hand in doing household activities or looking after children? It helps.

Some diseases like anxiety, depression, osteoporosis are more common in women.
Health Tips:

#1 You need a balanced diet containing enough vitamins and minerals as well. It improves your mental performance and your immunity which helps fight diseases.

#2 Drink a lot of water. Fresh fruit juices (without added sugar) are good too. Avoid fizzy drinks.

#3 Exercise regularly. You can go for jogging, cycling or even a walk. It helps ward off heart diseases and decrease stress and anxiety.

#4 Use the stairs instead of the elevator at the office or park your car few meters away from your workplace.

#5 Always take a break. Do not burden yourself with extra work. Take time to relax. Make a schedule.

#6 Planning is essential. Plan your week with priorities.

#7 Go for regular health checkups. Make sure your blood pressure and cholesterol are within normal limits.

#8 Sleep well at night. At least 8 hours of sleep is essential. It will keep you fresh the next day.

The strength that working women have is a wonder. However, you should know when to draw the line and take a break. You can take a vacation, travel or simply relax by chatting with friends.